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– Jack Shenker (Newstatesman) | Why does the western media ignore Egyptian dissent? | Here’s a thought experiment: pick a random Middle Eastern country led by an unpopular autocrat whose legitimacy is being challenged by a growing wave of public dissent.

– Marc Lynch (Foreign Policy) | The Qaradawi Index | Yusuf al-Qaradawi is in the news these days, denounced on a daily basis on Saudi, Palestinian and Egyptian op-ed pages, forums and TV over his stances on Gaza, on Hamas and Abu Mazen, on Yemen, and more.

– Osama Diab (The Chronikler) | Should America fear a democratic Egypt? | A senior Muslim Brotherhood leader Abdel Moniem Aboul Fotouh, who is known for his moderation, recently said that the party is not as popular as people think.

– Fawaz Gerges (Cif – Guardian) | The Muslim Brotherhood: new leadership, old politics | His most notable characteristic is absolute obedience to the powers-that-be within the organisation (Izzat and Akif) and aversion to reforms. A low key man with an awkward demeanor, Badie’s election is designed to maintain the status quo. [Qui si scriveva più o meno la stessa cosa una settimana fa]



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