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– Baher Ibrahim (Bikya Masr) | Becoming an Egyptian voter | Last Saturday, I started my role as an active citizen by registering for my first election card 24 hours before the January 31st deadline. It was easy, simple and free. I was in and out of the police station in under ten minutes, a fascinating record for anyone who has been to any Egyptian governmental institute.

– Joseph Mayton (Bikya Masr) | Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood “not Brothers” | CAIRO: A Muslim Brotherhood official has told Bikya Masr that the reports that Hamas “pledged” allegiance to the Egyptian group is “simply ridiculous.” The official from recently elected Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie’s office, said that Egyptian daily newspaper al-Masry al-Youm’s attacks on the group are “unfounded” and “far from the truth.”

– Ramin Mostaghim (Babilon & Beyond, LA Times) | IRAN: Tehran staging of ‘Galileo’ reflects a nation’s struggle against ‘ignorance,’ ‘ancientness’ [Corrected] | Will the truth triumph over superstition and dogma? That was the question hovering in a Tehran theater Sunday afternoon as 14 men and women in black clothes circled around the astronomer Galileo Galilei in director Dariush Farhang’s sometimes nightmarish, politically loaded rendition of the 1943 play “The Life of Galileo” by German playwright Bertolt Brecht.



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