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– Jillian York (Global Voices Online) | Arab World: Should the New York Times Reassign Ethan Bronner? | Over the past couple of weeks, a much-discussed topic in the broader Arab blogosphere has been a news story that broken by a member of the blogosphere itself. On January 25, the Electronic Intifada (EI) reported that the son of Ethan Bronner, New York Times’ Jerusalem bureau chief, had recently been inducted into the Israeli Defense Forces. Arab bloggers discuss the case.

– Juan Cole (Informed Comment) | More Nuclear Scaremongering about Iran from Clinton […] | Secretary of State Hillary Clinton engaged in some fearmongering on Iran on Sunday on Candy Crowley’s CNN magazine show, State of the Union. Here is how the exchange went: […]

– Gregg Carlstrom (The Majlis) | Egyptian police arrest 13 Muslim Brothers, including Mahmoud Ezzat | Egyptian police arrested 13 members of the Muslim Brotherhood […] — including Mahmoud Ezzat, the organization’s deputy leader — in overnight raids in six provinces.The raids targeted homes in Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Assiut, Sharqiyya and Gharbiyya governorates.

– Issandr El Amrani (The Arabist) | Brothers against the ropes | A conciliatory attitude by the new Guide, Mohamed Badie, has not protected the Muslim Brothers from another string of arrest. That they include people from five provinces and a key electoral planner — Essam al-Erian — and an organizational strongman — First Deputy Guide Mahmoud Ezzat — suggests that it’s largely to do with forthcoming elections.



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