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– Augustus R. Norton (From the Field) | Troubling Norman | Norman Finklestein arouses strong views, not least because he so often chooses to be gratuitously insulting. He takes pleasure at getting under the skin of his targets. He is also a relentless critic of Zionism and Israel.

– Gabriel Faimau (Bikya Masr) | Challenging “West versus Islam” media paradigms | BRISTOL, England: At an international conference on “Islam and the Media” organized by the Center for Media, Religion and Culture at the University of Colorado-Boulder in January, many of the participants, including myself, examined the negative stigma attached by the media to Islam and Muslims, especially after 9/11 and various terrorist attempts made in the name of Islam by extremists and militants operating on the fringes of the larger mainstream Muslim community.

– Philip J Cunningham (Frontier International) | The Banality of Not Being Evil | There’s something irremediably banal about Google’s corporate motto.  It’s hip, it’s hype and it’s hypocritical. “Don’t be evil” is a curiously negative construct; eschewing evil is not necessarily about doing good. In sum, a sophomoric yet shrewd manner of self-presentation that is not without its believers.

– Marwan Bishara (Imperium, Al Jazeera) | Talking up war | It is time to enforce a Middle East moratorium on threats, counter threats and war speculation and preparation. Enough wars have been waged to keep the region busy for years in Iraq, Somalia, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Pakistan and the latest escalation of war in Afghanistan this week. Repetitive Israeli, Arab and American bellicose statements are banalising war and paving the way towards violent self-fulfilled prophecies



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