Menafeeds [Deluxe Edition]

– [Go Wael, Go!] Joseph Mayton (Bikya Masr) | Egypt: Top blogger found not guilty, no jail time | CAIRO: One of Egypt’s top bloggers and anti-torture activist, Wael Abbas, has been found not guilty by  a Cairo court on Thursday. The ruling means the blogger will avoid what could have been 6 months in prison. The Egyptian twittersphere was quick to praise the court’s decision, but were concerned that the case had gotten that far in the first place.

– Kal (The Moor Next Door) | Arab coups: numbers, graphs and observations | The data from the previous posts on Arab coup d’etats has been adjusted for more accurate counts of successful coups. The data used in the previous charts and graphs referenced in the original summary post is slightly different, but the over all conclusions remain the same, with some tweaks here and there.

– Gregg Carlstrom (The Majlis) | Israel’s PR problem: More than hummus | A poll released last month found that 91 percent of Israelis think their country has “an image problem.” The Israeli foreign ministry has settled on a solution: A new public relations Web site, an advertising campaign, and PR coaching for groups of Israeli travelers heading abroad.

– Joshua Landis (Syria Comment) | US Economic Sanctions on Syria Have Failed | Contrary to what Andrew Tabler of WINEP, a right-wing think tank argues, US sanctions on Syria have failed. Tabler, in a Newsweek article copied below, recommends keeping sanctions on Syria.  He claims they are working. He is joined in his desire to keep sanctions on Syria by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

– Keach Hagey (Mixed Media, The National) | Why didn’t social media kill advertising? | One of the more unfortunate things about the economic downturn’s timing is that it has come just as the media industry is going though a radical transformation (some would say amputation) at the hands of digital technology. That means it’s really hard to figure out where the damage is coming from.

– Correspondent (Tehran Bureau, Pbs) | Why North Tehranis Don’t Revolt | “So what’s the talk among your colleagues?” a repatriate friend of mine asks, a reminder that he uses me as a measure for the sentiment among everyday Iranians. My situation is not too far from my friend’s, and like him I am hindered by a lack of direct experience with the situation in much of the country.

– Muhammad Sahimi (Tehran Bureau, Pbs) | The Political Evolution of Mousavi | One of the most significant results of Iran’s rigged presidential election of June 12, 2009, has been the political evolution of Mir Hossein Mousavi, recognized by many as the most important leader of the Green Movement.


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