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– As’ad Abu Khalil (Angry Arab) | The Egyptian State | I know that you are sleeping but have you been noticing that the Mubarak regime is falling before your eyes? I mean that. How did I think about that? Several indicators.

– Marwan Bishara (Imperium, Al-Jazeera) | Targenting Hamas, eyeing Iran, embarassing Dubai | The following excerpts from a January Bloomberg report about ‘Dubai helping Iran evade sanctions’ is an indispensable read. It provides an interesting background for US silence about the escalatory alleged Israeli assassination of a Hamas leader in a fancy hotel in the middle of Dubai, bordering on complicity.

– Fayyad (Kabobfest) | Muslims are confusing | It used to be that nothing made an infidel feel like a…well… an infidel like hearing the shout “Allahu Akbar.” Muslims, along with the much-appreciated help of western mass media and Israeli security consultants, have made it so that the shout, or the mere recitation of the phrase “God is Great” would send trimmers of fear into the heart of non-believers […]

– Husam Tamam (Arab Reform Bulletin) |  Egypt’s New Brotherhood Leadership: Implications and Limits of Change | Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has been buffeted by a seemingly endless series of changes and blows over the past few years.


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