– Issandr El Amrani, aka The Arabist, (The National Newspaper) | The Unpolitician | What is the defining characteristic of Mubarakism? Hosni Mubarak has ruled Egypt for nearly 30 years, steering it through a strategic shift from the Soviet Union to the United States and from state socialism to state capitalism. Amid tremendous, and still ongoing, societal changes, Mubarak has adroitly maintained his grip on power, in part by emptying the very notion of politics of any real meaning. The genius of Mubarakism is that it remains anti-political.

– Baheyya | The Wildcard |  Five years ago today, when Hosni Mubarak made his big announcement about direct, multicandidate presidential elections, he couldn’t have dreamed that five years down the line, he’d face a most unexpected challenger. Someone who is everything that Mubarak and his son aren’t: internationally respected, intellectually nimble, and domestically popular.



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