Nir Rosen

Questo articolo doveva essere incluso nel Menafeeds precedente. Ma l’ho letto attentamente e merita una menzione a parte: è la replica di Nir Rosen ad un recente articolo di Efraim Karsh sul NYT. Leggetelo tutto, ne vale davvero la pena. Qui mi limito a riportare alcuni paragrafi, con cui l’autore entra a pieno titolo nel mio personalissimo e immaginario Fronte Post-Orientalista:

This is Orientalism, America is never studied in this way, do we read the Bible to understand American ‘culture’?
And this ‘cult of martyrdom’ business, based on the assumption that Muslims have some kind of reptilian brain, thinking in pre-destined cultural scripts.
People were anti-American when they were secular and nationalistic, they were resisting America as Marxists, and are now resisting it as Islamists, the fight creates the cult, not the other way around, fetishizing it and obsessing with it is just a way to obscure the real grievances.
And what is the ‘Sharia mindset’? There is no such thing as Shari`a. It is a very broad term, it means Islamic law, but only one of its schools, Maliki fiqh, alone consists of tens of thousands of pages and interpretation. It is not an ‘object’ that people can just assimilate.
There is this American racist right-wing obsession with the idea of Muslims spreading Sharia in the West



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