Egitto: Post-Mubarak e Islam Online

– Kristen Chick (Christian Science Monitor) | In Egypt, rumors of President Hosni Mubarak demise fuel uncertainty. Who will lead next? | More than a week after Egypt’s 81-year-old president, Hosni Mubarak, underwent surgery in Germany, the Arab world’s most populous country is churning again with speculation over his condition. But this time the rumors, which sent Egypt’s stocks down on Sunday and Monday, underscore heightened uncertainty in Egypt over who will succeed Mr. Mubarak.

– Nathan Brown (Middle East Channel, FP) | Who’s Running Egypt? | An odd article ran a week ago in al-Shuruq, one of Egypt’s daily newspapers. Headlined simply “Who is Running Egypt in Mubarak’s Absence?!” the article examined the constitutional situation in light of President Husni Mubarak’s hospitalization in Germany. The article suggested that the country appears to be run by an absent president, a technocratic prime minister, a few leading politicians, and a collection of men behind a curtain.

– Amro Hassan (Babylon&Beyond, LA Times) | EGYPT: Moderates and conservatives battling over IslamOnline | Journalists and editors at, a website devoted to moderate Islam that has reported on such topics as homosexuality and Valentine’s Day, are protesting what they say are attempts by the site’s owner in Qatar to add more conservative voices and opinions.

– Ashraf Khalil (Al-Masry Al-Youm) | Islam Online: Replaced already? | As the crisis at Islam Online continued into its third day on Wednesday, striking workers expressed anger that the influential Islamic website’s Qatar-based parent company had already begun moving on without them. Striker Fathi Abu Hatab said the website’s Arabic-language page had begun being updated with fresh material today. “That means they’ve already hired new people in Qatar,” he said.


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