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– Rosemary Hollis (Middle East Channel, FP) | The Quartet has been mobilized | In a joint statement on Friday, the Quartet – which groups the U.N., U.S., EU and Russia – spelled out very clearly the requirements of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and called for a resumption of negotiations between the protagonists to agree the details within 24 months. [Al titolo ci aggiungerei un “Era ora!” grosso come una casa. Ma tant’è … questo passa il convento.]

– Gregg Carlstrom (The Majlis) | Mubarak appoints Ahmed al-Tayeb to head Al-Azhar | The 64-year-old Tayeb, born in Qena province, is a safe choice for Mubarak. He’s spent more than four decades at Al-Azhar: He received a Ph.D. in religion from the school in 1977, then went on to join the faculty, and eventually became dean of the philosophy department. In 2003, he was appointed president of the university; he also served a one-year stint as Egypt’s grand mufti.

– Joel Wing (Musings On Iraq) | New Estimate Of Winners And Losers In Iraq’s Election | McClatchy Newspapers’ Inside Iraq Blog has a new estimate of the seat distribution in Iraq’s parliament. So far 89% of the polling stations have had their votes tallied, along with 70% of the special voting that occurred a few days before. The Iraqi Election Commission has still not gone through the ballots cast by the Iraqi security forces or finished with overseas voting either. [Lungo post sui multipli risultati delle puppet elections nell’Iraq settàrio made in USA.]

– Neshani Jani (Middle East Media, FP) | Iran’s Top Filmmaker Detained Indefinitely | Earlier this week, Human Rights Watch reported that Iranian film-maker Jafar Panahi was arrested at his home on Monday, March 1st, together with his wife, daughter and 15 dinner guests who are fellow filmmakers and actors. According to several news reports, Panahi and his guests were discussing an upcoming film when plain clothes security forces raided the house and seized several of his personal belongings.



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