Eurocentrism vs Multiculturalism

Although neoconservative caricature multiculturalism as calling for the violent jettisoning of European classics and of “western civilization as an area of study,” multiculturalism is actually an assault not on Europe or Europeans but on Eurocentrism – on the procrustean forcing of cultural heterogeneity into a single paradigmatic perspective in which Europe is seen as the unique source of meaning, as the world’s center of gravity, as ontologically “reality” to the rest of the world’s shadow. […] Eurocentrism […] maps the world in a cartography that centralizes and augments Europe while literally “belittling” Africa. The “East” is divided into “Near,” “Middle,” and “Far,” making Europe the arbiter of spatial evaluation, just as the establishment of Greenwich Mean Time produces England as the regulating center of temporal measurement. Eurocentrism bifurcates the world into the “West and the Rest” and organizes everyday language into binaristic hierarchies implicitly flattering to Europe: our “nations,” their “tribes”; our “religions,” their “superstitions”; our “culture,” their “folklore”; our “art,” their “artifacts”; our “demonstrations,” their “riots”; our “defense,” their “terrorism.”

Shohat, Ella and Stam, Robert (1994). Unthinking Eurocentrism: Multiculturalism and the Media, pp. 1-2.

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