The rhetoric works something like this …

[…] a society in which women can’t wear mini-skirts is also against suffrage; an equitable distribution of wealth demands kissing in public; eating bacon sandwiches (that is, pork) equips one to enjoy literature and movies. In other words, those who have increasingly come to see Islam as important in their lives, their politics, and their forms of public expression.and therefore don’t eat pork, don’t kiss in public, and don’t subscribe to evolutionary theory-are destined to live within authoritarian, intolerant, and misogynist societies. The implicit suggestion is that any departure from Western cultural and political norms becomes a threat to all aspects of our lives, from our political system to our private pleasures. That this argument occurs today at a political moment in which Americans are being told to be on constant alert for “suspicious looking people” should give us some pause and provoke reflection.

Mahmood, S. and Hirschkind, C. (2002: 350)



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