Menafeeds | Islam, Hijab, Genere, Posters War

– Nicole (Muslimah Media Watch) | Awesome New Website: Hijab and the City | “[A] blog for girls who happen to be Muslim and not a Muslim blog for girls.” [Non ho altro da aggiungere … per chi volesse saltare la recensione il sito è questo].

– Zeinobia (Egyptian Chronicles) | Posters War in Egypt | At first Egyptian Activists tried to put ElBaradei and NFC posters in different cities and all what they got was being arrested and humiliated by police forces then we found Gamal Mubarak support group coming from no where preading his posters all over the country in the poor populated areas […]

– Daniel Varisco ( | Is there one “Islam” or many “islams” | The essential problem in the study of Islam is precisely that: essentialist reduction of a diverse religious tradition across cultures into an ideal essence. In a provocative article published three decades ago, Muslim anthropologist Abdul Hamid el-Zein wondered in print “if a single true Islam exists at all.”

– Roya (Afghan Women’s Writing Porject) | The Meaning of Democracy | After the Taliban‘s black regime, when houses were cages for women and only the wild Taliban ideology was law, when the burqa was accepted as a symbol of freedom and the real Islamic hijab disappeared unknown—after all this, Afghan women recognized the word for Democracy.



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