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– Saif Nasrawyi (Al Masry Al Youm) | Pro-ElBaradei journalist faces criminal trial over minister ‘insult’ | A prominent opposition journalist is to go on trial for allegedly libeling Egypt’s foreign minister in a newspaper, a judicial source said on Sunday. Hamdy Qandil could face prison or a fine if found guilty of the charge of “insulting and libeling a public servant or citizen performing their work,” the source said.

– Issandr El Amrani (Al Masry Al Youm) | Et tu, Saad? | After a short vacation last week spent blissfully disconnected from the internet, I logged on again this week to find a series of dumbfounding news from around the world. Barack Obama was hosting Israeli-Palestinian peace talks that no one believes in, and wrote Yasser Arafat out of history when mentioning the achievements of previous peacemakers (Sadat, Begin, Rabin, King Hussein)–though it was Arafat who first accepted the idea of a two-state solution.

– Jack Shenker (Comment is Free) | Egyptian dissident Mohamed ElBaradei urges election boycott | Former UN nuclear weapons chief and prominent Egyptian dissident Mohamed ElBaradei has called on Egyptians to boycott next month’s parliamentary elections, threatening a campaign of mass civil disobedience if his demands for political reform continue to be ignored.

– Tom Hengelhardt ( | Will Our Generals Ever Shut Up? | […] Remind me: When was the last time you heard anyone use that phrase — part of a superannuated world in which “diplomats” and “diplomacy” were considered important — in a meaningful way?  These days “foreign policy” and “global policy” are increasingly a single fused, militarized entity, at least across what used to be called “the Greater Middle East,” where what’s at stake is neither war nor peace, but that “military presence.”

– M. Jamil Hanifi (Zero Anthropology) | The ‘Dirty Secrets’ that Purify a Dirty War: A Colonial Tale of Dancing Boys, a Journalist, and the Human Terrain System in Afghanistan | There is no “scoop” in Joel Brinkley’s article, “Afghanistan’s dirty little secret” (29 August 2010, San Francisco Chronicle)—just an ugly sensationalist title on a story already abundantly covered by PBS Frontline months ago (see: “The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan”). What is more distinctive about Brinkley’s piece is the level of demonizing to sell war, and the involvement of AnnaMaria Cardinalli, an employee with the U.S. Army’s Human Terrain System—a basic fact which Brinkley smudges out of view for the entire article, where HTS is not mentioned even once.


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