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– Thanassis Cambanis (The New York Times) | Succession Gives Army a Stiff Test in Egypt | CAIRO — When a boiler at Military Factory 99 exploded in early August, killing one civilian worker and injuring six, a group of employees called a strike to demand safer working conditions, as they are entitled to do under Egyptian law.

– Zeinobia (Egyptian Chronicles) | Egyptian X-File : The Woman Behind Omar Soliman’s campaign | Do you remember last week when we wondered who were really actually behind those strange Omar Soliman’s presidential candidacy support campaign posters and statement ?? Well it turned out as some speculate it was the NDP or at least a group from the NDP was behind it.

– Daniel Varisco ( | The Empire’s New Clothes | In biblical times when an individual mourned, it involved tearing up everyday clothes and putting on coarse sackcloth and ashes. This is what the patriarch Jacob did when told his young son Joseph had been killed. When Job lost his family he sat on a dung pile. Both acts were motivated by humility rather than thoughts of revenge.

– Mona El-Naggar (The New York Times) | Peeking Out From Under Hamas’s Veil | GAZA — Doaa Abdel Latif appears to be part of the reason for the sway tha Hamas wields over this crammed strip of humanity, home to an estimated 1.5 million Palestinians. Just under half the people here are women and girls who experience a double hold over their lives: by the Israelis who surround Gaza, and the men who dominate within it.

– Mohamed Abdel Salam (Bikya Masr) | Egypt Press: Sexual harassment and the disappearance of activists | CAIRO: The Egyptian press, and particularly the independent newspapers, highlighted two main topics related to the Islamic feast that occurred last week. The Eid holiday, has in recent years, turned into a nightmare for women in the country, who are afraid to go out during the three days to avoid waves of sexual harassment by young males, where dozens of crazed men have attacked groups of women, assaulting and harassing them.

– Courtney Radsch (Arab Media) | Egyptian rights activists on trial as victims become defendants | The trial of Gamal Eid (executive director of the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information), Ahmed Seif El-Islam (founder of the Hisham Mubarak Law Centre) and blogger Amr Gharbeia for defamation and blackmail has put on hold until Sept. 18, and represents what one lawyer called a case that “should be studied in law schools as an example of a victim becoming a defendant.”


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