Ali Mirsepassi (Jadaliyya) | The Politics of Reconciliation: Secularism and Tolerance | Looking at recent events in Iran, we may contrast the predominant views of Green Movement activists participating inside Iran and the attitudes of many Iranians observing these events from abroad. Iranians inside Iran show no strong interest in defining the movement in totalizing terms as either Islamic or secular, and nor do they oppose the movement to secularism or Islam.

Laura Setrakian (Middle East Channel, FP) | How political Islam is winning the war for talent (and gaining a competitive edge) | In 2009 the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide Mohammed Mehdi Akef voluntarily stepped aside — the first time a top leader in the movement had voluntarily resigned before reaching death’s door. His message, as Michele Dunne of the Carnegie Endowment describes it, was that ‘we old guys need to step aside — I’m going to set an example.’

Alicia (Muslimah Media Watch) | Is Muslim Feminism More Than Just a Hijab Defense? | There may be 1,001 Muslim feminist critiques on the European burqa ban and its attendant jokes and jibes, insults, and ridiculousness. But what should remain clear is that we Muslim feminists are not just about the hijab. The recent discussion on LGBT acceptance on MMW revealed the cracks in the Muslim “sisterhood” and it began with a post on gay Muslim women in Indonesia.

Dina Bishara (Al Masry Al Youm) | The “lie” of Muslim Brotherhood districts | Muslim Brotherhood (MB) candidates responded to the first day of candidacy application submissions with a series of “rumors,” aimed at casting doubt on the electoral process and inciting “chaos” by sending text messages to voters and news agencies alerting them that security departments shut their doors early for MB candidates while allowing National Democratic Party (NDP) members to submit applications, reports state-run Rose Al-Youssef.

Noha El Hennawy (Al Masry Al Youm) | Abdel Moneim Abou el-Fotouh: A Witness to the History of Egypt’s Islamic Movement | In the early 1970s, Abdel Moneim Abou el-Fotouh was enrolled at Cairo University’s medical school. Back then, he did not approve of coeducation, music or watching football. The bearded young man dismissed all forms of entertainment as evil acts that distract Muslims from observing their faith. To propagate the message of Islam and establish an Islamic state, he did not even mind the use of violence.

Azmi Bishara (Algeria Watch) | Le projet des élites dirigeantes arabes est de se maintenir au pouvoir | Selon Azmi Bishara, la corruption qui sévit dans le monde arabe n’a jamais eu d’égale par le passé. Le penseur et universitaire Azmi Bishara a fait salle comble dimanche soir au Salon international du livre d’Alger (Sila) qui se tient au niveau du stade du 5 Juillet.

Laura Rozen (Politico) | Obama NSC meets with Egypt democracy advocates | Top Obama National Security Council officials met Tuesday with a bipartisan group of Washington foreign policy experts who advocate that the United States push for more free and fair Egyptian elections. The National Security Council’s top two senior Middle East officials Dennis Ross and Dan Shapiro, as well as the NSC’s top human rights and development/democracy officials Samantha Power and Gayle Smith attended the meeting on the Obama administration side, meeting attendees told POLITICO.


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