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Bob Pitt (Islamophobia Watch) | Dutch broadcaster removes anti-Wilders cartoon after threats to staff | The website of a left-leaning public broadcaster has removed a cartoon depicting a plan by the far-right PVV party as a Nazi death camp following serious threats to its staff. The cartoon, by Adriaan Soeterbroek and posted on the VARA’s site, ridiculed a PVV plan to create “hooligan villages”, likening them to a Nazi concentration camp with PVV leader Geert Wilders showing the inmates into a shower.

Amina Abdalla (Lez Get Real) | Islamic same-sex marriage? A contradiction in terms or an emerging reality? | When suggested to many people, whether Muslims or non-Muslims, the idea of a same-sex Islamic wedding seems like an oxymoron. But, even while not sanctioned by most mainstream Muslim groups or recognized in most predominantly Muslim societies, a growing number of women are doing so.

Jahanshah Rashidian (Mideast Youth) | Shaky Opposition to the Islamic Regime | Since 1979 in Iran, there is a totalitarian and disliked Islamic regime which tortures, rapes, kills the people of Iran. But what is wrong? How can such a regime survive? Where is that people’s will and solidarity that once swept away the mighty Shah in 1979? This article tries to throw a critical look at the Iranian opposition groups who are suspected of complicity or passivity during the reign of Mullahs.

Salma Shukrallah (Al Ahram English) | Egypt military attacks Tahrir sit-in, army apologises | The military, who had thus far been impartial or sympathetic to the protesters to topple Mubarak’s government, attacked protesters who aimed to topple the PM, Ahmed Shafiq’s government.

Marwa Awad and Dina Zayed (Huffington Post) | Protesters In Egypt Say Military Using Force | Thousands had gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square to celebrate two weeks since Mubarak’s removal and remind the country’s new rulers, who have promised to guard against “counter revolution” of the people’s power. In the gathering in the epicentre of the uprising against the president, activists urged the military, who had promised there would be “no return to the past” of the Mubarak era, to overhaul the cabinet and install a team of technocrats.



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