Letture: “primavera araba”, Ikhwan, rivoluzione egiziana e Goldstone

  • Mona El-Ghobashy (Merip) | The Praxis of Egyptian Revolution | If there was ever to be a popular uprising against autocratic rule, it should not have come in Egypt. The regime of President Husni Mubarak was the quintessential case of durable authoritarianism.
  • The Economist | A Golden Opportunity? | At first sight, it looks familiar. Veterans of the Afghan jihad operate training camps in Libya’s lush Green Mountain, overlooking Europe’s shipping lanes. Armed jihadis cruise the dusty streets with their armed acolytes. Preachers rouse their followers to take up weapons.
  • Ed Husain (Foreign Policy) | Feuding Brothers | As U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Cairo’s Tahrir Square during her first visit to post-revolutionary Egypt last month, I watched the news unfold from several miles away in the damp, sparse offices of the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary leaders.
  • Angry Arab | Judge Goldstone | It is actually hilarious how much space the New York Times has allocated to this man today based on an op-ed column he wrote for the Washington Post.  The website of the paper is promoting it right and left.  You can’t escape it. But his words carry no weight whatsoever:  he wrote the piece to the Washington Post as a person, while the Goldstone Report is an official report sanctioned by the UN.  There is a big difference.
  • Ben White (Mondoweiss) | Goldstone: ‘retractions’ vs facts | The publication of Richard Goldstone’s op-ed in The Washington Post on Friday heralded a weekend of frenzied hasbara. Goldstone’s “retraction” (though ‘qualification’ is more accurate) of the report into Operation Cast Lead was welcomed by Israeli leaders, Israel  advocates in the USA, and others.


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