“This is Bernard Lewis in a nutshell”

Non ho resistito:

No other propagandist alive is more responsible for sustaining this delusional opposition between “Islam and the West” than Bernard Lewis. He even forgets the books he himself has already written on the subject and writes new ones. in 1993, Lewis forgot that he had already written a book called The Middle East and the West (New York: Harper, 1964) in 1964 and wrote yet another one on Islam and the West (New York: Oxford University Press, 1994)- essentially the same ideas, almost verbatim similarities, not just in these books but in practically everything that he writes- “the West” got it right; “Islam” and Muslims did not; there were some accidentally intelligent Muslim reformists who did, but the ignoramus masses and fanatics did not, and thus we are in the mess that we are. This is Bernard Lewis in a nutshell.

Hamid Dabashi, Post-Orientalism (2009). Note no. 204, p. 122


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